Royal Lodge Hotel

Tourists who travel far away on vacation need a place to stay, even if it is just to spend the night. The building that provides travelers with safety against the weather, luggage storage and access to certain utilities is called lodging. There are different types of lodging, including hotels, hostels, inns, bed and breakfast, vacation rentals, tents and campers.

Hotels are the most common choice for lodgers, though it may also be the most expensive. Depending of size, function and cost, hotels may range from upscale luxury, full service and select service to limited service, extended stay and timeshare. Even though hotels mostly provide short term lodging, some people can afford to actually live in a hotel, such as Richard Harris, Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes, Larry Fine and Vladimir Nabokov.

A hostel, on the other hand, offers more affordable accommodation for longer periods, although tenants must sometimes share bedrooms and bathrooms. However, given the youthful and friendly nature of backpackers (hostels’ main customer base) this seldom poses a problem. Moreover, this type of establishment has evolved considerably over the years, and offers many services such as internet connection, tour booking and car rentals.

A bed and breakfast (B&B) offers accommodation for one night and breakfast, and are good for a quick getaway. An inn is similar to taverns, alehouses, and pubs, with the provision that they also offer lodging. Guest houses may be similar to hostels, B&B’s and inns, although some may possess hotel-like qualities, while remaining inexpensive.